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medical equipment rental

Medical equipments supply basically deals with the wide range of medical products that are offered by medical equipment suppliers to those who need it. One can either purchase it or can find the medical supplies on a rental.

It largely depends on the tenure, requirement and price of that particular medical product. These are the equipments which are often required after getting out of the hospital or for long term care of patients at home.

Some people need special kind of durable medical equipments in order to live a high quality of life and function as independently as possible. In many cases, patients need a piece of equipment only for a short span of time.

In those situation medical equipment rentals serves as an easy accessible and cost effective solution to fulfill the needs of medical equipments.

What Are The Options Available?

There are mainly two types of products – durable medical equipments and disposable medical supplies.

Both types of products can be used at home that makes it quite easy to manage the basic requirements and medical needs of ill, elderly or disabled persons. Both the categories cover a wide array of products in terms of availability, cost and effectiveness.

Well, as the name itself suggest that ‘durable medical equipment’ is meant for long term use. They are often abbreviated as ‘DME’. This category includes a variety of equipment that includes mobility aids like scooters, walkers and wheelchairs, hospital beds, prostheses, oxygen concentrators, personal care aids like commodes, bath chairs or dressing aids and various other products.

Disposable medical supplies are the items that can be used just once and then thrown away. This category comprises of incontinence products like disposable undergarments, catheters, blood sugar test strips, protective gloves and bandages.

Importance Of Medical Equipment Suppliers

Medical equipment suppliers play a vital role when it comes to a patient’s full recovery. These services offer a great advantage to the moms of newborn babies by providing them breast pumps that is now covered by most of the health insurance companies.

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It is a very important resource for all those who are having special needs such as diabetes or cerebral palsy that needs special medical supplies and different kinds of medical equipments.

Durable medical equipments and other medical supplies that a person may use in other facilities is not always the proper or the most effective product for the patient.

Many a times, incontinence products are provided in rehabilitation center just because they are cost effective and are easily accessible. It is the responsibility of the caretakers to find the right product for the patient.

Personal preferences play a big role in making appropriate choices. Some factors that are often considered include fit, ease of changing, absorbency and price.

The professionals of trusted medical equipment rental companies don’t just provide the equipment, but also provide great assistance to the patients in getting the proper equipment.


No one can ever underestimate the importance of having proper medical equipments like orthotics, walkers, brace, etc., especially when their health or the health of their near and dear one is at stake.

Therefore, we can say that medical equipment rental services are truly a blessing for all!

Still have some queries, don’t worry, we are here to help you. Contact us for any type of medical equipment requirements on rent in Jaipur.


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